The Tiny Devotional Christ Child of Salzburg

This ivory infant Jesus was gifted to the church of St. Maria Loreto in Salzburg in 1650. It came from from sister Euphrasia Silberrath von Offenburg after she received it as a gift from the countess  (Gräfin) of Oettingen. It had a great hold on one of the brothers as it seemed to have been capable of healing sick children. Chrysostom Schenk had a box made for it so he could carry it around with him, though he also loaned it out at times. I’m not certain, but it seems the decorations seen here were added when it was given its own altar in 1731.

Copies of the doll abounded, and still do. Fraisenhemdchen were miniature shirts with an image of the statue stamped on them and they were put under children’s pillows to keep them from illness. Pilgrimage badges, wax facsimiles, and prints were all distributed to celebrate this ivory.

There are many other venerated sculptures of the christ child , all with different histories. 



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