Asamkirche Maria de Victoria, Ingolstadt

The Asam brothers were well known for their ornate baroque decor–but more so for the church they decorated in Munich rather than this one in Ingolstadt. The outer peach-and-white facade only hints at its grand interior. The inner entrance has its own ceiling painting outlined in gold and white stucco frame, but with understated colors. Inside, the intensity of undulated surfaces and vibrant hues increases. The ceiling fresco by Cosmas Damian Asam shows the four continents in each corner, with rays emanating from Mary onto them. Each has fantastical figures, architecture, and animals in a dizzying array. The perspective of one arrow here, a pyramid there, all seem to change as you walk down the central aisle. Fortunately, one spot on the floor has a relatively inconspicuous mark where visitors can find an ideal perspectival stance.

There are no chapels, but reserved seat-sets carved in wood and decorated with different flowers and inscriptions. The tiny treasury is also a wonder in itself, with an enormous gold and silver monstrance depicting the Christian victory over the Turks at Lepanto, decorated skull reliquaries of Clementia and Clemens from Rome (that look suspiciously wooden), and large ivory crucifixes, as well as a Christ child in wax.



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