Amsterdam: Oude Kerk

I had the disorienting pleasure of visiting the Oude Kerk during an art installation by Giorgio Andreotta Calò in which the windows were covered with a translucent red film. It was difficult to see or even take pictures of some of the amazing brass works, tombs, or structures within–but it did jar my sense of the space as intended while also reminding me of the red light district that grew in its shadow.

Though the building’s beginnings stretch to the 1200s, much of its structure was built in the 1400s. It has impressive wooden vaulting using planks from Estonia. The brass rood screen was made in 1654 by Johannes Lutma (and a part can currently be seen in the Rijksmuseum–see images below). The tombs beneath the floor and the bronze plaques on the periphery boast the Dutch admirals, artisans, and celebrities from the Golden Age until 1865.






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